Monday, May 31, 2010

Where'd ya go?

What happened?
So I started this blog months ago and then had the nerve to leave right before auditions! Thanks to those who wished me luck but... I never went.

Sadly, I am not doing the College Program for Fall 2010 for quite a few reasons.

  • Housing: By the time I received my acceptance, my roommate and I had already decided to live together in the dorms again our sophomore year. And it took some finagling but we managed to get a room in the brand new dorms. If I did not take that room with her my place would be filled, which means I would have a hard time finding housing for the spring semester, and definitely wouldn't be able to room with a friend.
  • Major Transfer: I just recently transferred majors and while I'm not extremely behind, I need at least another semester of 18 credits to not only catch up, but be a bit ahead of others before I can take a semester off. I am also on a pre-law track, so it's very important that I graduate on time.
These were the two biggest issues, which is why I have decided... to apply for Spring of 2011!

I really love the thought of the College Program and choosing not to go for fall just broke my heart! And this spring seems like the best bet. I won't have to worry about housing, and I can use the fall semester to catch up on credits, even overload if I need to.

If I get accepted again I will hope to audition for a Character Performer role, so I'll be blogging about that for sure. Again, wish me luck!